Wordpress TinyMCE Thai Webfonts Plugin

This is Thai webfonts from SIPA, f0nt.com, fontuni.com and etc... Wordpress TinyMCE Plugin created by Phuphansoft ITSolutions.

It's easy to use. Look at That!


Here’s some screenshot.

Wordpress plugins page.

Fonts list.

Font changed.

View code.

CSS import fonts.

Article result.

Here's Installation Instruction.

This is manual installation only.

1. Download it [HERE]

2. Extract/Unzip it and you will see this file -> 2psoftwebfonts_tinymce_wordpress.php

3. Upload it to /wp-content/plugins in wordpress server

4. Enable it in plugins section

5. Edit theme stylesheet in plugins section Appearance -> Editor

6. Add @import url(http://webfonts.2psoft.com/api/gencssall.php); to first line(Overwrite theme 's font)

7. Select font from font lists(Waiting for download thousan[1,000] fonts list...)


- Disable other font plugins

Ready to downloading...

Here is it.

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